About Societal Impacts

A large driving force for the adoption of autonomous technology is the impact AVs will have on society. From convenience to emission reductions, AVs will undoubtedly revolutionize the impact that transportation has on our day-to-day lives.

Automated Vehicle Policy

(Fully) Automated vehicles (AVs) are a disruptive, society-changing technology, not just for planning and placemaking, but for employment, social engagement, mobility and a range of physical, social, and economic factors. Transportation agencies, local and regional, network operators, private vendors, and stakeholders must all prepare to accommodate and benefit from these technologies that will fundamentally change the urban fabric and interaction patterns. Too many regulations could hinder the AV adoption and development while too few regulations on AV may not regulate well on the AV manufacturers and could lead to danger on roads.

Safety Impacts of Connected and Fully Automated Vehicles

Connected and fully automated vehicle (CAV) technology has the potential to allow vehicles to assist in avoiding collisions, mitigating crash severity, ensuring traffic safety, and reducing crashes due to human error (which is the most prominent contributor to crashes). Many safety benefits of AV technology would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars every year for various industries.